the way i am

Whatever..Dre, just let it runAiyyo turn the beat up a little bitAiyyo.. this song is for anyone.. fuck itJust shut up and listen, aiyyo.. I sit back with this pack of Zig Zags and this bagof this weed it gives me the shit needed to bethe most meanest MC on this EarthAnd since birth I’ve been cursed with this curse to just curseAnd just blurt this berserk and bizarre shit that worksAnd it sells and it helps in itself to relieveall this tension dispensin these sentencesGettin this stress that’s been eatin me recently off of this chestand I rest again peacefully (peacefully)..but at least have the decency in youto leave me alone, when you freaks see me outin the streets when I’m eatin or feedin my daughterdo not come and speak to me (speak to me)..I don’t know you and no,I don’t owe you a mo-therfuck-in thingI’m not Mr. N’Sync, I’m not what your friends thinkI’m not Mr. Friendly, I can be a prickif you tempt me my tank is on empty (is on empty)..No patience is in me and if you offend meI’m liftin you 10 feet (liftin you 10 feet).. in the airI don’t care who is there and who saw me destroy youGo call you a lawyer, file you a lawsuitI’ll smile in the courtroom and buy you a wardrobeI’m tired of all you (of all you)..I don’t mean to be mean but that’s all I can be is just me And I am, whatever you say I amIf I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?In the paper, the news everyday I amRadio won’t even play my jamCause I am, whatever you say I amIf I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?In the paper, the news everyday I amI don’t know, it’s just the way I am Sometimes I just feel like my father, I hate to be botheredwith all of this nonsense it’s constantAnd, “Oh, it’s his lyrical content — the song ‘Guilty Conscience’ has gotten such rotten responses”And all of this controversy circles meand it seems like the media immediatelypoints a finger at me (finger at me)..So I point one back at ‘em, but not the index or pinkieor the ring or the thumb, it’s the one you put upwhen you don’t give a fuck, when you won’t just put upwith the bullshit they pull, cause they full of shit tooWhen a dude’s gettin bullied and shoots up his schooland they blame it on Marilyn (on Marilyn).. and the heroinWhere were the parents at? And look where it’s atMiddle America, now it’s a tragedyNow it’s so sad to see, an upper class ci-tyhavin this happenin (this happenin)..then attack Eminem cause I rap this way (rap this way)..But I’m glad cause they feed me the fuel that I need for thefireto burn and it’s burnin and I have returned And I am, whatever you say I am.If I wasn’t then why would I say I am?In the paper, the news, everyday I am.Radio won’t even play my jam.Cause I am, whatever you say I am.If I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?In the paper, the news, everyday I am.I don’t know, it’s just the way I am. I’m so sick and tired of bein admiredthat I wish that I would just die or get firedand dropped from my label and stop with the fablesI’m not gonna be able to top on “My Name is..”And pigeon-holed into some pop-py sensationto cop me rotation at rock’n’roll stationsAnd I just do not got the patience (got the patience) deal with these cocky caucasians who thinkI’m some wigger who just tries to be black cause I talkwith an accent, and grab on my balls, so they always keep askinthe same fuckin questions (fuckin questions)..What school did I go to, what hood I grew up inThe why, the who what when, the where, and the how’til I’m grabbin my hair and I’m tearin it outcause they drivin me crazy (drivin me crazy).. I can’t take itI’m racin, I’m pacin, I stand and I sit
And I’m thankful for ev-ery fan that I getBut I can’t take a SHIT, in the bathroomwithout someone standin by itNo I won’t sign your autographYou can call me an asshole I’m glad

3 years ago on 6 August 2011

dear old nicki

Maybe you died caus’ everybody ask me where you at, I try to channel you and hopes that I could stare you back. But it’s like every intersection we just missed each other… You got your fans waitin’, tell me you ain’t six feet under, and tell me that you’re coming back and you just took a break. Maybe I blamed you for everything that was my mistake, and hindsight I loved your rawness, and I loved your edge, caus’ it was you who talked me down from jumpin’ off the ledge.
Your earrings bamboo, your long nails too, your BMW, everytime you came through, you was the brave heart, you stole Wayne heart. You never switched up, you played the same part. But I needed to grow, and I needed to know, were there some things inside of me that I needed to show, so I just deaded you, left you in all black…But dear old Nicki, please call back.
You told me you’d come when I needed you, and you said it so sweetly I believed you. But I’m standing here calling, I can’t see you. But I am holding you, holding you, holding you to that. Yo, did I chase the glitz and glamour, money, fame and power? Cause if so that will forever go down my lamest hour. I should have kept you with me, gettin’ at them nameless cowards, they was no match for you, couldn’t defeat your prowess. I had to make them changes, I hoped you understood, you see for every bad, I did a ton of good. But you was underground and I was main stream.I live the life now that we would daydream. My only wish is you come enjoy it with me, get on them conference calls, go meet the lawyers with me. The money came yeah, tripled and quadrupled it, but I still miss us when we was just on some stupid shit. And it’s still fuck the media, they ridiculed you, never believed in ya, they just debted you, left you in all black. But dear old Nicki, please call back. And yes, I’m holding you, holding you, holding you. And yes, I’m holding you, holding you, holding you. And yes, I’m holding you, holding you, holding you,To that.

3 years ago on 28 July 2011